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How much CBD should I take?

Confused about dosage


How much CBD should I take? 

You probably have heard about the unique benefits of CBD, but how much amount should you take to experience your desired benefits? No matter what condition you want to improve with CBD usage, taking adequate dosage is the key.


It can be hard and confusing to figure out how much CBD you should take as there is a wide variety of CBD products available on the market. Before determining the usage, you must be aware of product types. The dosage may vary depending on the dominating strain and effects of each product. 


Cannabis is classified into three main genetic types, i.e., Sativa, Indica, and hybrid, which indicates plants’ structure. Some cannabis strains are Indica dominant, some are Sativa dominant, while others can be hybrid. Each strain produces different effects depending on its genetics. Learning about different strains, effects, and delivery methods can help you make the right decision. 

Figuring out the right amount for you


Since the amount of cannabis you consume directly affects your experience, you may undergo diverse or unpleasant effects even if you over-consume a low potency product. It is recommended to start small and go slow. Furthermore, the amount of CBD you should consume also depends on many factors, such as:


  • The condition you want to address
  • Your body weight
  • The concentration of CBD in each pill, capsule, or gummy
  • Body composition of each individual


A lot of variables are involved in figuring out the right amount of CBD to take. It is better to talk to your doctor about the appropriate dosage if you are using CBD to manage certain medical conditions. If your doctor does not recommend a specific amount, it is better to start with a small dosage to analyze how CBD affects your body. If your symptoms are getting better with a certain amount, keep track of how much CBD products you are taking.


The best way to determine the dosage is to follow the serving size mentioned on each product’s packaging. At Maison de Lucas, all products come with a perfect prescribed serving size.




The tincture is the most common CBD application method used by dripping a few drops of the product under or on your tongue. The dosage of tinctures depends on the MG of CBD used in the specific product. For instance, the serving size for our 1350 MG Mint Tincture is 45mg CBD while for 450 MG Mint Tincture, 15mg CBD dosage is recommended to take.




CBD Gummies are getting quite popular these days as they are convenient, tasty, and fun to take. Our Vegan Strawberry Lemonade Gummies contain 10 mg of CBD, so you need not confuse about the dosage, just pick a gummy out of the jar, and you are good to go.




Besides, taking CBD orally, CBD balms or salves are the best way to benefit from the properties of CBD as you can directly apply CBD salve on your body to ease pain, soothe your muscles, or simply moisturize your skin. At Maison de Lucas, we created a 1000 MG CBD Lavender Balm which you can use on the affected area as per your requirements. It will also help you promote good skin health while easing your muscles and joint pain.




CBD Softgels are a great and highly convenient way to add CBD to your daily regime. It is much easier to take softgels and calculate the dosage as softgels contain a particular amount of CBD ranging from 10-25mg of CBD. Our THC-Fee CBD Softgels 750mg Bottle includes 30 softgels of 25mg each which is great to take per serving.


Aside from tinctures, gummies, salves, and softfgels, you might also be confused about the dosage if you are using CBD oil. The best way to determine the dosage is to calculate the amount of CBD in a single drop mentioned on the packaging.