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Shop Above $75 And Get Free Shipping

Shop Above $75 And Get Free Shipping.

Before consuming cannabis, know what's involved... get informed.


Boost your mood and cope with every-day stress with the help of our THC-Free 25mg CBD Nano Gels. Combining professional formulas with all natural ingredients that have been used for Anti-Inflammation as well as Pain Management; we bring the safe and easy- to-consume CBD gels. We recommend these gels to anyone who feels stressed at certain times of the day, or for anyone who’d like to improve their mood, mindspace, and cope with stress from any source.


Get The Most From Your Purchase - Our gels are made using broad spectrum oil, filled with natural phytonutrients. The mixed benefits of CBD, along with other cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant make place our CBD gels in a separate league compared to our competitor’s products.


Our Formulation - Our gels utilize nanoemulsion technology, which in simple terms means you can absorb our gels much better than regular CBD gels. In order to get the same amount from one serving of our gels, you’d have to consume double the amount of a regular product.